New Year, New Job

We’re nearing the end of January and have now fully said goodbye to the festive period.  This may mean for some that they are now ready to focus on finding a new job or changing their career.  January is filled with people putting their new year’s resolutions into action and thus the market is inundated with new candidates looking to find their dream job.  We have put a short list of points together you may want to think over before making a move –

Consider Your Reasons for Leaving
It’s best to establish why you want to leave your current job and, if you can, discuss these reasons with your manager or supervisor.  If you’re feeling unchallenged, unfulfilled, constantly stressed or unhappy, it may be time to look for new opportunities.  Once you’re sure that your move is necessary, you can start thinking of the right role and company you’d like to work for.

Keep an Open Mind
It’s very important to have a positive outlook when looking for work. Look and listen for what current opportunities are out there and stay flexible when it comes to location.  While you’ll have an idea of what you want in your head, it may not always work exactly like you’ve planned, so it’s important to stay open minded and tweak your plan if needed.

Utilise Your LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a very useful tool when it comes to looking for work opportunities and is like an online CV.  Employers will no doubt look you up online and your LinkedIn should be one of the first things that appears.  It’s a good idea to keep your profile up to date, along with all your relevant information.  While doing this, it’s a smart idea to tidy up any other social media sites that you have.

Talk to a Recruiter
If you are now ready to make the next move forward and consider your options, it’s probably time to talk to a recruiter who can help you find the right roles for your skillset. By speaking with a trusted recruiter, you can gain great insight to what roles and positions are out there and how to apply.