4 Top Tips for Better Time Management

Most of us would like to improve our time management skills, especially while at work.  Distractions such as phones, social media, emails and other office interruptions can all contribute to poor time management. However, with these 4 tips you can be on your way to a much more efficient working day.

Minimise your distractions
First and most important, turn off or put away any unnecessary distractions, e.g. phones, social media notifications, check your emails every half hour instead of every 10 minutes.  Obviously, you can’t stop every work distraction and there will be situations during the day that require your attention, however by minimising non-work distractions you will find yourself more productive throughout the day.

Create a daily plan/to do list
Take some time at the start of the morning to plan your day.  Making a list of tasks that need your attention is a very handy and convenient way of managing your time, as you can see everything that must be accomplished.  Even making notes about deadlines and meetings as you are reminded of them is helpful and you can tick off the tasks you have completed as you go.

Set reminders for your tasks
It’s easy to forget about upcoming events such as meetings and deadlines, even replying to emails – therefore it’s a good idea to set reminders on your phone or computer 15 minutes or so before the matter so you can be prepared for it.

Create a routine
No matter what work you do, it’s important to have a routine.  To have fixed blocks of time for specific tasks and activities is an effective way to manage your time.  Your routine may change weekly, monthly or annually, but it’s always good to have a plan in place as it will make you more time efficient, organised and reduce you stress levels along with it.