Benefits of Temp Work

While job searching, especially at Christmas time, you will notice lots of temporary work roles available.  Temporary work can offer you an alternative to permanent work, allowing a more flexible approach to work and letting it fit around your personal life.

So, what is temp work? Many different industries offer temp work and advertise it in different ways, e.g. seasonal work, temporary work, freelance work.  What this means is you will work with a company on a non-fixed term basis, with your salary usually being an hourly rate.  Companies look to hire on a temp basis for reasons such as busy times of year (Christmas, Summer), maternity leave and perhaps extra staff needed for a specific project.

Many people now choose temp work as their first option and is a popular choice for candidates all over the world.  There are numerous benefits of temporary work, which include:

  • Flexibility
  • Ability to find out what sector/industry you want to work in
  • Gain new outlooks on management and how different businesses are run
  • Ability to acquire new and transferable skills
  • Great opportunities to network
  • Gain hands on experience


Although you may be looking for a more permanent role, temporary work can still be advantageous and can bridge gaps on your CV.  It gives you the chance to work as part of a new team, as well as learning on the job, all skills which you can take to your next role.

If you’re looking for any tips or advice on temp work, from what to include on your CV to what industries to look in, check out our blog here .