Top 10 Most Popular New Years Resolutions!

2016 is coming to an end (which I’m sure many are happy about) and 2017 is nearly upon us, which means we are starting to think about our New Years resolutions. 
Now is a chance to take into account what you’d like to change and take steps to make it happen.  With it being said that by the end of January 50% of people have already given up their resolutions, some resolutions may have more a chance than others!  We have put together a list of the 10 most popular New Years resolutions, so take a look and see if you’ve ever tried any of them.


Get Fit
Getting into shape is usually very high up on people’s ‘to do’ list, especially after Christmas and Hogmanay where eating and drinking have been the main priority. Wanting to become fit & healthy is a good goal to have, just make sure you follow a program that works best for you.  And hey, if it fails, there’s always next year!

Start Eating Healthy
This can sometimes be a continuation of above, with January seeing the most healthy food being bought – as well as gym memberships being started.  It can be difficult with fast food so easily accessible compared to healthy alternatives, but try and find a good plan and let it be realistic.  

Quit Smoking
Some find the new year a big motivation to give up smoking, just be prepared to have a lot of will power and patience.  However, you will definitely notice a change in your bank account!  

Quit Drinking
After most of us drink too much through out December, it can be easy to think you can stop drinking for the year.  Dry January is a big accomplishment so why not try that first; It’s amazing how long the months become when you’re waiting for a gin & tonic.  

Nothing kicks off the new year like booking a holiday!  Getting out there and experiencing new cultures and countries can be really rewarding.  Time and money can obviously be an issue when planning your dream trip, but there’s many ways to travel on a budget, so get yourself a good deal!  And if that fails, there’s always a classic British seaside holiday … 

Find a New Hobby
Free time is a great thing, but sometimes it can turn into boredom easily.  Just sitting around on Facebook all day won’t get you much, so why not pick up a new hobby and learn something new – skiing, rock climbing, painting, cooking … The possibilities are endless! 

It’s always noble and thoughtful to give time or money to any charity, if we can give back it’s important to do so.  Remember if you volunteer your time, you will meet new people and gain new skills to add to your CV.  

Learn a New Instrument
Because who doesn’t want to be able to play ‘Wonderwall’ at any given moment?!  Like many other resolutions, this one usually ends by mid March. 

Start Saving Money
It’s not always possible to put money away, but if you can, it’s very handy to have. You could save up for a new car or a holiday – unless you of course end up spending it on a night out! 

Read More
As in books, not your Facebook newsfeed.  Why not try the classics or a great sci-fi book? It may seem like a chore at first, but trust me you will begin to enjoy it! 

While some resolutions stick and others die out by the beginning of March, the most important thing is to be happy and enjoy your year! Good luck 🙂